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2L 3L mini thermal fogger fogging machine




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Model: 2L / 3L mini thermal fogger

MM size: 490 * 170 * 350

Packing size MM: 500 * 190 * 360

Net. KG weight: 1.4

Solution tank L: 2 / 3

Particle diameter: 5-30 PM

Fuel:butane (220G gas tank)

Smoke agency: smoke agency or 0 special # diesel oil

Start mode: Piezoceramics ignition ignition

Also known as the pesticide spraying machine disinfection machine. Pulsed thermal smoke generator. Protection of smoke machine plants. Agricultural smoke generator. Smoking butane. Thermal smoke machine. Home disinfection and anti-micro-tobacco epidemic. Disinfectant spray insecticide. The pulsed thermal smoke generator has a reasonable structure, light weight, no noise and is easy to operate. The liquid is completely atomized when spraying, and the particle size of the drug's mist is less than 50 microns. The mist drug can be diffused in the work area for a long period of time, deposition to reach all-round, strong penetration, without blind spot, and good insecticidal sterilization effect. It is mainly used to control fumigation in public places such as houses, restaurants, shops, warehouses, teaching communities, hospitals, etc. and is widely used in health and epidemic prevention departments, military bases and greenhouses. It can quickly kill outdoor gardens, insects, mosquitoes, etc. to eliminate epidemic prevention operations.

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